Forest Protection Services

Forest Protection Services professional fire control and prevention

Internationally recognized expertise at all levels of operation. Fires can break out at any time, causing extensive damage to forestry blocks, farms and property. That’s why you need professional fire control services you can rely on, when you need them most.

Forest blocks are vulnerable to fire damage, especially in dry summer months, so it’s good to know we’re on your side!

Preventing forest fires

Prevention is always preferable to a cure, so we work with forest block owners to put measures in place to protect their forests, preventing fires from breaking out in the first place.

We advise forestry block owners on a prescribed burning (controlled burning) program as part of their forest management. This helps reduce fire hazard by burning away fuel in a controlled, safe manner.

We also carry out maintenance and testing on fire fighting equipment for forestry companies, forestry block owners and farmers to ensure their equipment is up-to-date and working correctly, should a fire break out.

Professional forest firefighting and control

Forest fires require specialised firefighting crews with the experience and knowledge to fight a forest blaze quickly, efficiently and safely.

Forest Protection Services have fully trained and experienced crews who are dedicated to fighting fires, working in with other rural fire crews when needed.

Forest security gates

Is your forest block protected from unwelcome visitors? Control who enters your forest block and prevent unwanted activity with forest security gates.

We manufacture and install gates in forestry blocks all over Northland, helping owners protect their investment from vandalism and fires.

If you have any further questions about our forest protection services, or if you’d like to enquire about a career in the forestry industry, contact us today.

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