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Tupu Ake - Developing a workforce through partnerships

Kia hua he kaitiaki, kia tupu matomato te whenua. (Guardians of a productive land will be achieved)

tupu ake northland forest protection services

Tupu Ake is a government funded initiative being rolled out to increase the number of skilled forestry workers in Northland.

It’s a new and exciting pathway to trade training and works through collaboration between FPS, families/whanau, Te Matarau Education Trust and Northtec to support Northland youth into a career path in the forestry industry.

This is not just another training scheme. The trainees are employed by FPS from day one and you learn on the job while you earn. At the end of the program you still have a full time job in our high performing crew.

The ethos behind this scheme defines the core of our business, reflecting how we conduct our business every day. We believe that when you take the threads of family/whanau and forestry companies and weave them together, the result is a positive workforce who feel supported, valued and motivated.

Tupu Ake provides Northland youth a career pathway in forestry, supported by their family/whanau and marae, with the aim of developing professional and skilled forestry workers.

Billion Trees Initiative = great career opportunities in Northland

The Billion Trees Initiative is a boom for the forestry industry in Northland, as it will effectively double the number of silviculture jobs in this region.

We work with Te Matarau education Trust and Northtec to train and support workers to the high standards of skill and professionalism required. This program works to everyone’s advantage and has enormous potential for transforming both the forest industry and Northland.

If you’re interested in the Tupu Ake program either as someone looking for forestry work or want to find out more for a whanau member or student, contact us today.

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